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21 Oct2013

Choosing a property management agency

Property management is a specialised role that varies considerably from a traditional sales agent position. Recently modern television shows have been driving the property sales side of an agency when the [...] Read More...
18 Oct2013

Online Real Estate is the future

  When you come across a real estate advertisement online that matches your requirement but with only phone number indicated, will you call the number without giving it a second thought? Have you [...] Read More...
16 Oct2013

Business opportunities for beginners

  Small business opportunities are becoming more common in modern Australia. The Internet has allowed many Australians to open businesses from home with access to a world wide market. Irrespec [...] Read More...
16 Oct2013

Applying for the FHOG in Queensland

To apply for the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) in Queensland you must meet the eligibility criteria under the following headings: The grant is available in the following circumstances: contracts to [...] Read More...
15 Oct2013

Modern approach to selling real estate

  The world is continually changing and this requires adaptation to old methods and development of new or improved business models. In the past Real Estate marketing was much simpler, you [...] Read More...

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