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02 Sep2013

Selling early and for the best price

  When a new property comes on the market, interest will be at its peak.  Qualified buyers will have a genuine interest in something new that matches their specifications and will be more [...] Read More...
01 Sep2013

How do I consider the purchase price?

  The purchase price is based on a myriad of factors and not just the physical cost.  The following items are considered when negotiating price: Future potential The history of the [...] Read More...
30 Aug2013

Property investment loans – What to consider?

  Property investment loans are similar to a regular home loan for your primary place of residence (PPOR)  in that they are offered in a variety of formats, interest rates and options.  The [...] Read More...
29 Aug2013

The advantage of using a property manager

  Investors are finding more and more reasons to enlist the help of a property manager to professionally manage their investment property. Many owners believe that after they’ve purchased [...] Read More...
28 Aug2013

How to find a bargain property

  Finding a bargain property is not purely down to luck.  Investors that are prepared and work hard gain the advantage.  If you are a new comer and want some ideas on where to start [...] Read More...

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