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16 Aug2013

I have had my own accountant for years, why do I need to change?

It is recommended for management rights business holders (or those wishing to enter the field) to switch their book keeping over to an accountant that specialises in the management rights field.  [...] Read More...
16 Aug2013

Noosa Springs Golf Course sells for $15M

Noosa Springs golf course recently sold to a Hong Kong developer who reportedly paid $15 million, for the 18 hole golf course and prestige residential development in Queensland. The developer, Golden [...] Read More...
15 Aug2013

Breaches of the body corporate by-laws

It is unfortunate that on occasion an owner/occupier, committee member or resident manager will breach a body corporate By-Law.   In Queensland, By-Laws are governed by the Body Corporate and [...] Read More...
15 Aug2013

How do we find the right buyer for a business?

People are motivated to buy your business for different reasons and by targeting your marketing towards the most qualified buyers, you maximise the chance of selling whilst minimising your advertising [...] Read More...
14 Aug2013

Is there a right time to sell?

As with any business decision, you must weight up the pros and cons before you take the leap.  If you are an owner of a business and you are considering selling, it is ideal that you sell [...] Read More...

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