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19 Sep2014

How Important is your Agents Database?

What is the value of your agents database? some vendors are quick to dismiss the notion of a valuable sales contact database, normally this is due to a lack of understanding how this can be the single biggest [...] Read More...
10 Sep2014

How Much Deposit Do I Need?

How much deposit do i need? Recent industry data showed that last year the average deposit for home purchases was 32%. This means new home buyers had instantly one third percent equity in their new property. [...] Read More...
09 Sep2014

Worlds Most Different Home

WORLDS MOST DIFFERENT HOME? Another 27-floor tower in Mumbai is—believe it or not—one single home, built by Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani. Ambani spent around 5 percent of his fortune to build the [...] Read More...
06 Sep2014

Real Estate Comedy

"I am writing an ad for our house. Does it have any other features besides the flower pot and the front door mat?" Read More...
04 Sep2014

Global Markets Gone Mad!

Have we gone barking mad? A cupboard has been put on the market for AUD$13,400 in another baffling example of London's housing crisis. The cupboard, located in Brentford Dock housing estate overlooking the [...] Read More...

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