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Experienced real estate agents are familiar with traditional commission splits between the agency and the agent who makes the sale.

The typical industry average for a real estate sales person is usually in the region of 45% of the total commission available from any sale, and some times worse when part of a franchised brand. The top 5 percent of agents may recognise higher commission structure due to their high acheivements in the industry.

Alert Property Group welcomes you to your new real estate career opportunity, where you can build your own business line within our company whilst receiving a full-service office support. No longer do you need to go through the rigors of establishing your own one or two person agency, and carry the large financial burdon and limitation which come with a start-up office. Alert Property Group provide you the tools, the training, the solutions to grow your own business as large as you care for, let us show you how.

Alert Property Group allows you with the luxury to operate in your own unique manner, different to your competitors. Create, manage, track all real estate and business listings in one simple location via the latest industry technology.

The best news is you get full office support with your own custom CMS and Newsletter centre, brochure and marketing services and an Australian industry first, our online store for all your agent requirements. Servicing your clients has never been easier.

Your business model with Alert Property Group is unmatched by any thing the industry has ever seen before. Our referral rewards program delivers to you month after month with passive and repeat income, creating an assett of value and saleability.

With Alert Property Group you get paid 3 times for the work you do today!


#1 for Onsite Managers!

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