Confidentiality Agreement

This Confidentiality Agreement is between ALERT PROPERTY GROUP PTY LTD (“EASY AGENT”, “we”, “our”) and (“the
enquirer”, “you”, “your”).
You wish to evaluate the EASY AGENT business in order to decide whether to apply to become a licencee. We agree to
provide you with a confidential information relating to the operation of a licence.
We and You agree as follows:
1. You warrant that you will keep confidential all of the information provided to you by us and that you will not,
without our prior written consent, disclose any of that information to any third party (your professional advisors
excepted). You acknowledge that this warranty is also given on behalf of any entity or associate under your
influence or control.
2. Without limiting the general nature and extent of this warranty, the information which you warrant to keep
confidential and not disclose to others include our technology, know-how, trade secrets, documents, files,
records, reports, plans, trademarks, business plans, marketing plans.
3. You warrant that the sole purpose for which you are seeking access to the information is to decide whether to
apply for a licence. You warrant that you will not use the information for any other purpose or for your own
benefit or to improve or create another business.
4. We agree to keep confidential information provided by you.
5. This agreement will continue in time but will not apply to any information which;
a) is already known to the other party at the time of disclosure;
b) is in the public domain at the time of disclosure;
c) is disclosed to the receiving party by a third party, or
d) enters the public domain after disclosure otherwise that through a breach of this agreement by one of the
6. You acknowledge that the execution of this agreement does not oblige us to disclose any particular information
to you and we retain absolute discretion as to which information we disclose to you.
7. You undertake that you will, upon our request immediately return to us all information, documents and other
materials we supply to you. You further undertake not to retain any copies of any such information.
8. You agree that you will not rely upon information provided by us in deciding whether to apply for one of our
licences without first obtaining independent financial and legal advice.

Executed as a Deed

Easy Agent Confidentiality Agreement


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