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1.    What is an Easy Agent licence agreement?

When you join Easy Agent we grant you a licence to trade under the Easy Agent brand.
This is not a franchise agreement. The Licence simply is the agreement between you and us.
The licence agreement makes business clear and simple.


2.    Why should I choose a licensee instead of starting my own business?

Starting a new business can be risky.
By joining EASY AGENT you immediately recieve all the benefits of your own agency without the overheads.
You get your own website, access to the agent dashboard to manage all your listings, your own CMS database to manage your clients plus access to the agent online store for all your marketing made easy!

Low cost = Low risk = great success!


3.    Would an EASY AGENT licence suit me?

If you want to recieve 100% of your hard earned commission, then YES!
If you want to be in charge of how you do business, then YES!
If you love selling real estate, then YES!
If you want full administration office support, then YES!                                                                       


4.    Why should I become an EAST AGENT?

You can benefit from our experience and expertise.

EASY AGENT is a national leader aggregator in real estate services. 
The company management is highly experienced and recognised for excellent customer service.
We would now like to share our success and knowledge with other through our licencing system.


5.    How do I go about becoming an EASY AGENT licensee?

Complete the Expression of Interest form online

We will contact you to arrange a suitable time to meet and begin the journey.
If everything is in order then we can have you up and running within 7 days.
Your new career is only an email away!


6.    How much will it cost?

This is the most basic business model in real estate!
1. Their is an $2,000 establishment fee to cover the cost of your IT platform, website and other items.
2. A monthly Service Fee of $250 is payable to access the agents dashboard and the system
3. On each contract a management fee is charged at a flat rate.

NO OTHER CHARGES WHAT SO EVER!!                                 


7.    Do I need to be a licenced Real Estate Agent?

YES. If you intend to sell real estate you will be required to comply with the licencing regulations of your State.

8.    What is the purpose of the Monthly Service Fee?

The purpose of the Monthly Service Fee is to cover the expense of the group operation and includes items such as:  

- Branding
- Contract preparation
- Trust account & Legal letters
- Training and support
- Advertising and Marketing products and services
- The benefit of group referrals and lead generation
- Ongoing advice and support
- Other miscellaneous services                                 


9.    What locations are available?

Easy Agent operates Australia wide.
Your location will automatically be where you reside. 
However you are not limited to any restrictive territory. 

10.    When I begin my business, will i be left on my own?

NO. When you join Easy Agent we train and mentor you through so you learn everything needed to opertate successfully.

Phone support is always available to all agents.                                                                       

11.    Will I have an opportunity to contribute to the Alert Property Group network?

YES. Our Licensee system has been designed to provide all licensee owners with an opportunity to contribute at regular conferences and meetings

12.    Will I be able to sell my business in the future?

YES, the Easy Agent licence is yours to sell. This is a very important topic which differentiates between having a business or a job. The more profitable your business, the greater your reward.                                  



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