Procedure Manual - VIC Agents


Follow these easy steps



1. Use ADL Forms (installed on your computer) to create the SELLING AGENCY AUTHORITY listing form.

2. Create the real estate listing on your CRM dashboard

3. Upload a scanned PDF copy of the signed SELLING AGENCY AUTHORITY under the DATA tab, then tag as "listing authority"

4. Prepare and Upload the Sale Contract under the DATA tab, then tag as "sale contract" nb your listing cannot go live on the net without both labels "Listing Authority" and "Sale Contract"

5. Prepare and Upload the SECTION 32 - VENDORS STATEMENT to the listing under the data tab

6. Prepare and Upload the STATEMENT OF INFORMATION from ADL forms, to the listing under the data tab and tag as "Statement of Information(VIC)"

7. Proceed to finish off online listing, updating Status to FOR SALE and selecting Portals

8. Your FOR SALE listing is now live on the internet



1. If you are going to email contracts then have buyers and sellers signed an ELECTRONIC TRANSMISSION CONSENT form (available from your ADL forms) and upload under Data with your listing

2. Goto and submit a CONTRACT SALES ADVICE(VIC)

3. After Contracts are signed upload a PDF copy under DATA on your listing plus submit a copy to Easy Agent via the Victoria section

4. Deposits can be paid direct into the Trust Account(VIC) bsb 013265  acc 305448471 (reference the buyer name). Trust Account details can also be found under Office/Documents on your CRM dashboard, you will need these details for international buyers.

5. Deposit Receipts will be uploaded online under DATA with the listing



1. All marketing items are available from the Agents Online Store




1. Upload your Sales Commission Invoice under DATA with your listing plus submit a copy to Easy Agent via the agent portal here

2. Update your VENDORS BANK DETAILS via the agent portal under MY Settlement Details

3. Update your VENDORS CONTACT DETAILS for post settlement correspondence via the agent portal under MY Settlement Details


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