As a lot of digital agencies out there coming to the market claiming to be a reproduction of the digital taxi company Uber, now I don’t mind using a good Uber now and then, especially when I’m travelling interstate; when I’m not familiar with the city that I am in.

But in all reality, being the “Uber of Real Estate” is not something to strive for, being the Tesla on the other hand, now that’s unreal.

Uber is losing hundreds of millions of dollars; now this might be ok for a complete tech start up but when it comes to the stability of a service like ours that our agents depend on our choices for their financial investment, it doesn’t make sense for us to be on a losing streak.

Do you think the real estate owner looking to sell today would prefer any person randomly deciding on a whim to get into the real estate industry or would they prefer a professional dedicated to their craft, now driving is one thing, most people can conquer the skill but Real Estate Sales? It’s not for everyone; it takes a committed professional, that’s also why we only allow fully Licensed Real Estate Agents in all states.

Let’s look at the fees Uber chargers, they appear cheap from the outside but the multiplier surpasses taxis on occasions which resemble the still insanity of still doing commission splits with the office, Easy Agent have only Flat fees, no surprises.

Ok ok, Uber uses GPS, so do I!  and that is digital and mobile has been around for a while now, but is no longer a rare feature upgrade so in that case we are more like Navman.

So at the same time why compare in this age of innovation? We don’t have to be like “Uber”or “Air BnB” we can just be innovators aiming to set the bench mark to be compared to as an Australian Company. Well if you must compare us to any US company out there (that have nothing directly to do with real estate) compare us to Tesla and our hero Elon Musk. Tesla is changing the face of the motor industry, has an outstanding online platform, is innovative well beyond the years, prevails when everyone writes it off and is doing everything they believe is right for their customer first.

If you are in real estate, looking to work with the most innovative and forward-thinking company in the industry, come visit us