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Marketing Challenges

As marketers of property developments, New Australian Property, deal with a unique set of circumstances.
The biggest: selling extremely valuable products that don’t exist at the time of purchase – essentially trading in promises.

Knowing your market

As with marketing in any other sector, New Australian Property agents and marketers listen to the needs of their target markets in order to adequately engage them.
This means recognising the emotional and rational motivations of prospective buyers.
"Property is often the biggest purchase in the lifetime of a buyer, and represents much more than material worth,” says Monty Van Dyk, General Manager at New Australian Property.

Getting the message across

The three points we at New Australian Property, believe indispensable in our work: creating a lasting relationship with clients, community development and placement, and experiential marketing.

1. Creating a lasting relationship with clients

How this translates in practice varies depending on the development itself and the allocated budget. This could include event marketing strategy that includes past and prospective buyers to socialise and network.

2. Community development and placement

Community building is another prime focus of property marketers. A great deal of care is taken in finding a location with access to various amenities suitable to the target market. Property marketers promise certain community lifestyles surrounding their developments and the end results must reflect these.

3. The importance of experiential marketing

New Australian Property continually experiment to tap into new leads, however, selling property all comes down to getting buyers out and experiencing the properties.

Digital Marketing: ‘the new frontier’

Standing in line with other industries, the property marketing industry is pouring an enormous amount of money into digital marketing. In order to sell property, virtual reality representations of the structures are now must-haves. New Australian Property is purpose built to host video platforms for real estate promotion.

Getting social

When it comes to social media, no property marketer worth her salt would deny its growing importance. But, for New Australian Property social marketing is at the forefront of their marketing priorities.
New Australian Property lead the industry with Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Targeting foreign buyers

Recent years have seen a boom in interest from buyers in Asia, most notably in the Chinese language market.
A high level of cultural competency is required in marketing to an overseas demographic.
New Australian Property and Alert Property Group have their own specialist asian language division to assist with foreign investment.


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