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01 Feb 2016

Tips I use to acheive the maximum price possible

Tips I use to achieve the maximum price possible



  • Have a very prominent internet marketing campaign. Ideally premier or highlight listing on
  • Increase your buyer activity by having less emphasis on the price.
    This would be by marketing without a price or have price guide with a range of  10% with a recent sales report for reference.
    Buyers can then look at recent sales very similar to what’s on offer and show their interest accordingly.
    “If you get the right people to the right property you will get the right price”
  • Create a “fact sheet” for your property showing in detail what your property has to offer.
    I have seen many a time where a sale has been negotiated and after  settlement has taken place, the buyers has discovered more than they knew about ie solar system, heating for spa, recently installed new hot water system to name a few.
    If the buyers were aware of these and all other aspects of the property their offer on the property could have been somewhat higher.
  • Don’t be home or be rushing out when an inspection is taking place.
    Prepare and allow the buyer plenty of time to take it all in.
    If a buyer is allowed to “mentally move in” they are more likely to want to purchase.
  • Be flexible on terms. Work with potential buyers.
    If you can fit into their requirements e.g settlement time, you are more likely to receive a favourable offer for your property.
  • Select an agent that is an experienced negotiator and is prepared to fight for you to achieve the maximum price possible.
    Structure your success fee or commission so that the agent has the best interest to get “top dollar”.
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