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28 Jan 2020

Walk against Suicide

Hey Legends
I am walking from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, total of 90km in 17 hours, to raise awareness to men's mental health with a focus on depression and suicide.
I personally have experience with depression and had to work through it to where i am today, so this is very personal to me.
I want to hear more guys talking about it because it affects so many in our community.
You can join me for part of the walk if you like, or be part of the support crew on bicycles for hydration and nutrition or you can just leave a small donation to the cause, either would be mostly appreciated.
Follow our facebook page to see what we are doing:

I started an online blog of my experience so you can read more here:

or join into our facebook group and chat to other blokes who have similar experiences:

If you can afford a small donation of only $10 it would make a world of difference to the cause.
Click the 'Donate' button to donate and you will automatically receive a receipt.
Thank you for supporting me and Beyond Blue!


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