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25 Oct2013

The timing of a business sale

It is rare to sell your business at exactly the right time and how do you measure if the timing was correct in the first place?  When people wonder if they are selling their business too early, it is [...] Read More...
24 Oct2013

The changing face of apartment sales

  Traditionally the target market for those buying apartments has been the first time buyer and the property investor.  Recently this trend has begun to change.  It is common to see [...] Read More...
23 Oct2013

PPOR and Tax

  Have you ever considered changing your principal place of residence (PPOR) into an investment property? Perhaps you are looking to upgrade or downsize to a home that suits your current situa [...] Read More...
22 Oct2013

What not to do when selling your home

For many it can be hard to say goodbye to your old property, especially if it’s somewhere you’ve had a long family history in. However once you have decided to sell you need to put aside the sentim [...] Read More...
21 Oct2013

Choosing a property management agency

Property management is a specialised role that varies considerably from a traditional sales agent position. Recently modern television shows have been driving the property sales side of an agency when the [...] Read More...


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