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11 Oct2013

Capital Growth - a recent review

  When it comes to buying property in Australia, just how expensive is it compared to the rest of the world?  The results of a worldwide property report have compared capital growth in [...] Read More...
10 Oct2013

Residential selling points

  According to a recent survey, home buyers and renters value a good neighbourhood above any other property feature. The results revealed that approximately 70 per cent of respondents made the [...] Read More...
09 Oct2013

Consider Commercial

  Gone are the days when commercial property investment was reserved for only professional investors. There used to be a clique that were the only ones that understood this sphere of real estate; [...] Read More...
04 Oct2013

What can the past tell us about real estate?

  Looking only into the last 12 months can be a very limiting tactic when attempting to predict trends in the future. This is also considered a weak point within a significant amount of real [...] Read More...
03 Oct2013

The future of housing

  Is the great Australian dream just that?  A dream? To answer this the following further questions could be asked: Is it getting harder to realise the great Australian dream? Who [...] Read More...


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