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04 Sep2013

The best tenants for your investment property

Property investors are always looking for the perfect tenants. They want tenants who pay on time, who respect the premises and those who preferably stay long term.  As most investors are well aware [...] Read More...
04 Sep2013

Fixed or Variable?

  When considering a loan one of the first things that an investor or home buyer has to consider is whether they want a fixed or variable loan.  In either case it is a decision based on your [...] Read More...
03 Sep2013

What to consider prior to making an offer

  As a buyer you are aware an agent’s job is to get the best offer for their client.  With this in mind you must be very well informed about the surrounding real estate market in relation [...] Read More...
02 Sep2013

Selling early and for the best price

  When a new property comes on the market, interest will be at its peak.  Qualified buyers will have a genuine interest in something new that matches their specifications and will be more [...] Read More...
01 Sep2013

How do I consider the purchase price?

  The purchase price is based on a myriad of factors and not just the physical cost.  The following items are considered when negotiating price: Future potential The history of the [...] Read More...


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