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30 Aug2013

Property investment loans – What to consider?

  Property investment loans are similar to a regular home loan for your primary place of residence (PPOR)  in that they are offered in a variety of formats, interest rates and options.  The [...] Read More...
29 Aug2013

The advantage of using a property manager

  Investors are finding more and more reasons to enlist the help of a property manager to professionally manage their investment property. Many owners believe that after they’ve purchased [...] Read More...
28 Aug2013

How to find a bargain property

  Finding a bargain property is not purely down to luck.  Investors that are prepared and work hard gain the advantage.  If you are a new comer and want some ideas on where to start [...] Read More...
27 Aug2013

Commercial property investment

  The majority of people that are considering the purchase of commercial real estate are looking to build wealth, diversify their income and create tax benefits.    Commercial [...] Read More...
26 Aug2013

The Evergreen Pool

  The archetypal Australian house usually conjures up images of a large backyard, a barbecue and with many water loving individuals; a swimming pool.  The cost and time of maintaining [...] Read More...


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