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23 Aug2013

Reducing your risk as a resident manager

As the development of management rights continues to progress both in a business sense and legally, there must be a closer scrutiny on the risks that are endemic within the boundaries of a resident [...] Read More...
22 Aug2013

Can you pool your letting income?

  In the overwhelming majority of cases, it is not illegal for a management rights business to pool letting income.  There are certain exemptions to this rule however these are very specific [...] Read More...
21 Aug2013

Caretaking Disputes

  The core duties of a management rights business are usually outlined clearly within the contract.  In the majority of cases these duties are well defined and are rarely an issue for the [...] Read More...
21 Aug2013

What should I consider when choosing a business?

  When determining your business purchase it is infinitely better in the long term to select an industry that you have a passion for.  Passion and enjoyment of a subject will naturally [...] Read More...
20 Aug2013

Motel licences and your obligations

If you have been considering an entry into the motel industry then it is imperative you are aware of the multitude of licences required for running the business.  These licences of course all [...] Read More...


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