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20 Aug2013

Motel licences and your obligations

If you have been considering an entry into the motel industry then it is imperative you are aware of the multitude of licences required for running the business.  These licences of course all [...] Read More...
19 Aug2013

What should I consider when buying Management Rights 'off the plan' ?

As with any business, buying off the plan has its risks.  For example you may do projection research and ascertain that you will be able to successfully let out all the lots.  In reality this [...] Read More...
19 Aug2013

What should we ask ourselves when buying a business?

  Buying a business can be one of the most exciting but stressful periods of your life.  The issue many people will face is the pure emotion surrounding a purchase and this is where the [...] Read More...
16 Aug2013

Body Corporate and third party agreements

Resident managers may enlist the help of third party contractors to provide services for the upkeep of common property.  When enlisting these services, the resident manager should be aware that they [...] Read More...
16 Aug2013

I have had my own accountant for years, why do I need to change?

It is recommended for management rights business holders (or those wishing to enter the field) to switch their book keeping over to an accountant that specialises in the management rights field.  [...] Read More...


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