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15 Aug2013

Breaches of the body corporate by-laws

It is unfortunate that on occasion an owner/occupier, committee member or resident manager will breach a body corporate By-Law.   In Queensland, By-Laws are governed by the Body Corporate and [...] Read More...
15 Aug2013

How do we find the right buyer for a business?

People are motivated to buy your business for different reasons and by targeting your marketing towards the most qualified buyers, you maximise the chance of selling whilst minimising your advertising [...] Read More...
14 Aug2013

Is there a right time to sell?

As with any business decision, you must weight up the pros and cons before you take the leap.  If you are an owner of a business and you are considering selling, it is ideal that you sell [...] Read More...
14 Aug2013

Who is responsible for structural repairs?

The responsibility for structural repairs can vary from lot to lot depending on whether it was created under a ‘Building Format Plan’ or a ‘Standard Format Plan’.  The Act states that under [...] Read More...
14 Aug2013

Can I evict the tenant when I purchase a property?

The issue of eviction and tenancy contracts are governed by an individual States legislation.  Although each State is similar in its stance towards leasing; they differ slightly on particular [...] Read More...


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