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09 Aug2013

How hard is it to get my RLA licence?

When you purchase management rights, it is a requirement to hold a Residential Letting Licence. To become a Residential Letting Agent you have to be deemed competent after completing a registered train [...] Read More...
09 Aug2013

What is an MLR?

MLR is an acronym for Management Letting Rights.  Essentially Management Letting Rights grew out of the property development market for multi-unit or apartment buildings.  Over time there grew a [...] Read More...
06 Aug2013

Launch draws nearer!!!

Launch draws nearer!!! Launch of Alert Property is now only weeks away. Read More...
23 Jul2013

Alert Property Group on Facebook

As we creep closer to the launch date for Alert Property Group it is very evident that the demand for quality information is high on the social media platforms. No longer are these the domain of kids [...] Read More...
22 Jul2013

Brisbane real estate market growth accelerates

After spending the whole weekend inspecting new residential and commercial property in Brisbane, it has become evident the supply-demand ratio is deviating to the negative. This is a good thing for the [...] Read More...


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