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06 Nov2013

Why should I use a broker?

This is a frequently asked question heard regularly by many reputable agencies. There have been many horror stories from business owners who attempted to sell their business on their own. Many experienced owner [...] Read More...
01 Nov2013

A simple oversight when selling your business

One of the most common mistakes business owners can make when deciding to sell their business is not knowing its true value. This doesn’t mean you have to have an exact price for your business (that is [...] Read More...
25 Oct2013

The timing of a business sale

It is rare to sell your business at exactly the right time and how do you measure if the timing was correct in the first place?  When people wonder if they are selling their business too early, it is [...] Read More...
16 Oct2013

Business opportunities for beginners

  Small business opportunities are becoming more common in modern Australia. The Internet has allowed many Australians to open businesses from home with access to a world wide market. Irrespec [...] Read More...
14 Oct2013

The Benefits of a Business Broker

  After toiling many years creating a strong business you are considering selling up and moving into a new opportunity.  Running a business takes time commitment and planning and this [...] Read More...
25 Sep2013

Preparing to sell your business

  In the majority of cases, a business will be sold, passed on or close down.  When business people enter into a business this is usually the last thing they are thinking about.  However [...] Read More...
19 Sep2013

The legal identity of a business purchaser

In Australia a business can be purchased under a number of legal entities, this article will briefly discuss each one.   Sole Trader A sole trader is a business in which the individual is [...] Read More...
01 Sep2013

How do I consider the purchase price?

  The purchase price is based on a myriad of factors and not just the physical cost.  The following items are considered when negotiating price: Future potential The history of the [...] Read More...
21 Aug2013

What should I consider when choosing a business?

  When determining your business purchase it is infinitely better in the long term to select an industry that you have a passion for.  Passion and enjoyment of a subject will naturally [...] Read More...
15 Aug2013

How do we find the right buyer for a business?

People are motivated to buy your business for different reasons and by targeting your marketing towards the most qualified buyers, you maximise the chance of selling whilst minimising your advertising [...] Read More...


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