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18 Oct2013

Online Real Estate is the future

  When you come across a real estate advertisement online that matches your requirement but with only phone number indicated, will you call the number without giving it a second thought? Have you [...] Read More...
09 Oct2013

Consider Commercial

  Gone are the days when commercial property investment was reserved for only professional investors. There used to be a clique that were the only ones that understood this sphere of real estate; [...] Read More...
04 Oct2013

What can the past tell us about real estate?

  Looking only into the last 12 months can be a very limiting tactic when attempting to predict trends in the future. This is also considered a weak point within a significant amount of real [...] Read More...
26 Sep2013

Residential vs Commercial

  As there are many existing and budding investors in the marketplace today I thought it may be valuable to analyse the residential versus commercial property question.   Every kind [...] Read More...
17 Sep2013

What type of property should you invest in?

  In most cases investors start in residential property as they have usually already been through the process of purchasing their own home or been a tenant in the rental market for a long peri [...] Read More...
06 Sep2013

What to consider when buying an investment property

  It can be very daunting taking the first steps towards purchasing an investment property.  This can be the case for both beginners and seasoned investors.  It is therefore essential you [...] Read More...
27 Aug2013

Commercial property investment

  The majority of people that are considering the purchase of commercial real estate are looking to build wealth, diversify their income and create tax benefits.    Commercial [...] Read More...
23 Jul2013

Alert Property Group on Facebook

As we creep closer to the launch date for Alert Property Group it is very evident that the demand for quality information is high on the social media platforms. No longer are these the domain of kids [...] Read More...
22 Jul2013

Brisbane real estate market growth accelerates

After spending the whole weekend inspecting new residential and commercial property in Brisbane, it has become evident the supply-demand ratio is deviating to the negative. This is a good thing for the [...] Read More...
19 Jul2013

Alert Property Group launch draws near!

Exciting times in the real estate industry as Alert Property Group set to launch their new website. Alert Property Group now offer expertise across a broad spectrum of property transactions from reside [...] Read More...


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