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Tagged as: investment

22 Nov2013

Australia holds the title to the 5th tallest residential tower

Australia breaks Dubai's hold on the list of the world tallest towers with its Gold Coast Q1 tower in fifth position. Sitting at 322 meters tall and housing 527 residential apartments, Q1 is recognised as [...] Read More...
28 Oct2013

Sub dividing property

A key trend that has emerged in recent years is the subdivision of land.  The curious investor is always querying whether this is actually worthwhile, and whether there is a decent demand for subd [...] Read More...
23 Oct2013

PPOR and Tax

  Have you ever considered changing your principal place of residence (PPOR) into an investment property? Perhaps you are looking to upgrade or downsize to a home that suits your current situa [...] Read More...
09 Oct2013

Consider Commercial

  Gone are the days when commercial property investment was reserved for only professional investors. There used to be a clique that were the only ones that understood this sphere of real estate; [...] Read More...
02 Oct2013

Increasing the rent on your residential investment

  Raising the rent can be a particularly touchy subject as you have to walk the tightrope of upsetting your tenants and ensuring your maximum investment return. Most of us have read the news [...] Read More...
30 Sep2013

Apartment, unit or house?

  Are you tossing up between an apartment, unit or house? If you are looking for a place to live, it is different to deciding on an investment property.  For investors this simple decision [...] Read More...
26 Sep2013

Residential vs Commercial

  As there are many existing and budding investors in the marketplace today I thought it may be valuable to analyse the residential versus commercial property question.   Every kind [...] Read More...
23 Sep2013

Establishing property value

  When you are investing in property it is extremely important that you buy and sell at the best possible price available. It is against any good advice that an investor or property purchaser [...] Read More...
20 Sep2013

The evolution of property

  As the price of property  increases and the ability for people to find adequate land in metropolitan areas decreases, many new trends have become commonplace in the real estate market. [...] Read More...
09 Sep2013

Updating your investment property

  You should think about your investment property the same as you do when updating and maintaining your primary place of residence.  Smart owners will have a plan that will include minimal [...] Read More...


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