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19 Sep2013

The legal identity of a business purchaser

In Australia a business can be purchased under a number of legal entities, this article will briefly discuss each one.   Sole Trader A sole trader is a business in which the individual is [...] Read More...
23 Aug2013

Reducing your risk as a resident manager

As the development of management rights continues to progress both in a business sense and legally, there must be a closer scrutiny on the risks that are endemic within the boundaries of a resident [...] Read More...
22 Aug2013

Can you pool your letting income?

  In the overwhelming majority of cases, it is not illegal for a management rights business to pool letting income.  There are certain exemptions to this rule however these are very specific [...] Read More...
21 Aug2013

Caretaking Disputes

  The core duties of a management rights business are usually outlined clearly within the contract.  In the majority of cases these duties are well defined and are rarely an issue for the [...] Read More...
20 Aug2013

Motel licences and your obligations

If you have been considering an entry into the motel industry then it is imperative you are aware of the multitude of licences required for running the business.  These licences of course all [...] Read More...
16 Aug2013

Body Corporate and third party agreements

Resident managers may enlist the help of third party contractors to provide services for the upkeep of common property.  When enlisting these services, the resident manager should be aware that they [...] Read More...
15 Aug2013

Breaches of the body corporate by-laws

It is unfortunate that on occasion an owner/occupier, committee member or resident manager will breach a body corporate By-Law.   In Queensland, By-Laws are governed by the Body Corporate and [...] Read More...
14 Aug2013

Who is responsible for structural repairs?

The responsibility for structural repairs can vary from lot to lot depending on whether it was created under a ‘Building Format Plan’ or a ‘Standard Format Plan’.  The Act states that under [...] Read More...
13 Aug2013

Renewing a Management Rights Agreement

A Management Rights Agreement (MRA) will be negotiated over a fixed period; for instance five to ten years.  When nearing the end of the MRA, the agreement holders will usually renew the contract for [...] Read More...
12 Aug2013

The Office of Fair Trading and your Management Rights

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) are a Government entity who actively undertake and co-ordinate state wide compliance.  They handle this via enforcement activities to promote a competitive, fair and [...] Read More...


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