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Tagged as: residential

27 Sep2013

Choosing the right agent

  If you are buying or selling a home, it’s highly likely that you would prefer to use an experienced real estate agent rather than handling the process yourself. The right agent can be an [...] Read More...
26 Sep2013

Residential vs Commercial

  As there are many existing and budding investors in the marketplace today I thought it may be valuable to analyse the residential versus commercial property question.   Every kind [...] Read More...
24 Sep2013

Profit through buying and renovating

  The most important kind of modifications that appeal to home buyers are usually those that improve the usefulness of a premises.  For example, you may come across a home that has a [...] Read More...
23 Sep2013

Establishing property value

  When you are investing in property it is extremely important that you buy and sell at the best possible price available. It is against any good advice that an investor or property purchaser [...] Read More...
20 Sep2013

The evolution of property

  As the price of property  increases and the ability for people to find adequate land in metropolitan areas decreases, many new trends have become commonplace in the real estate market. [...] Read More...
18 Sep2013

So you want to buy your first home, what’s stopping you?

  Many people have reservations about purchasing their first home.  This article will cover the common perceptions people have:   I prefer renting It is commonplace to hear [...] Read More...
17 Sep2013

What type of property should you invest in?

  In most cases investors start in residential property as they have usually already been through the process of purchasing their own home or been a tenant in the rental market for a long peri [...] Read More...
09 Sep2013

Updating your investment property

  You should think about your investment property the same as you do when updating and maintaining your primary place of residence.  Smart owners will have a plan that will include minimal [...] Read More...
06 Sep2013

What to consider when buying an investment property

  It can be very daunting taking the first steps towards purchasing an investment property.  This can be the case for both beginners and seasoned investors.  It is therefore essential you [...] Read More...
04 Sep2013

The best tenants for your investment property

Property investors are always looking for the perfect tenants. They want tenants who pay on time, who respect the premises and those who preferably stay long term.  As most investors are well aware [...] Read More...


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