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Selling Tips

Selling Tips

The 3 P's of selling property

It is widely recognised by real estate professionals around the world that you can sell ANY property in ANY financial market in ANY location around the world, so long as you get the 3 P's correct.

What are the 3 P's of selling real estate?
Price, Presentation and Promotion.
It is a very simple concept, but one which is every so commonly overlooked.

We can assist you in setting a price for your property which reflects the current market, then assisting in negotiating the highest price for you (after all that is our speciality). 

Our marketing plan that we present prior to listing your property will clearly outline how and where the marketing promotion will take place.

Now this is where you come into the equation!
The response from the market will be directly proportional to the presentation.
Take a look at the following elements that can help us achieve a premium price for you:

Gardens - the first rule of good impressions is a neat front garden.
Clean and Tidy - Kitchens and bathrooms are the main areas for buyers interest. Have your place looking spotless.
Clutter - Remember the old saying, "less is best"? it applies here. Remove and pack away pieces that clutter the room.
Welcome - Its the little things that make a home, ensure all lights work, curtains are open, fresh flowers to make your inspections welcoming.
Pool - ensure the pool is looking crystal clear. Get the pool guy in to make is shine.

You will be amazed how well your property will present and attract buyers if you follow these key sellers tips.

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